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Dedicated Websites for Clients of Pinguis Web Design

Having a website is a great step for your business but you also need to be found in search results. Lets be honest your website will need a dedicated search engine professional for that, these days competition is tough and its getting harder.

Websites Designed & Hosted

Stunning graphic design, crafted to quickly and clearly communicate with your customers to help you promote your business.

Responsive Websites Clients

Beautifully designed, fully responsive websites, designed to work on all devices. Easy for your customers to use and easy for you to edit.

Search Engine Marketing(seo) its, when someone opens up Google, Bing, Yahoo or any search engine, they will begin by typing a query or keywords into the search bar.

For example, if someone in Dublin is looking for a company to repair their roof, they may search “Roofers Dublin”, “roofer dublin” or “roofing contractors dublin” or even directly, perhaps they have been referred to a specific roofing company so they may put “” in the search box.

What we do is take your company and provide links. We also build out your website (basically filling it with relevant content), while interrogate this with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and any other social media platforms. This is hugely powerful in establishing a web presence for your business. More importantly, you have full control.

Honest and dependable

We are website design and search engine experts for business, technical trained and hold a degree in Accelerated Information Technology from Cork Institute of Technology, and are CompTIA Certified from FAS here in Tralee. We design specific website for clients needs. Phone us and get a website in three days. Pinguis Design, SEO and content writers have a proven track record for crafting effective internet marketing solutions. Written many WordPress Tutorials to help business owners get online.

We are always improving

Creating a basic web structure is easy. A home page, About, Contact, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service Pages(ecommerce website) are necessary and the basic structure to a website. Also they are the pages that show google that your a serious business and not just a spammy website.

Our clients

Had Pinguis Web re-design my website. Getting consistent calls since.


Had a website but since changing to pinguis web i am very busy now.


Be the envy of your friends, by getting people to phone you.

We promote all our websites on our personally owned websites and online directories. See more work at